5 undiscovered museums in Amsterdam
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5 undiscovered museums in Amsterdam

By on August 24, 2016

Yes, you can easily check TripAdvisor to see which museums you must visit when you travel to my beautiful capital city. And yes, the Rijksmuseum is on top of that list. But have you ever spoken to a local who told you that there are plenty of other museums next to the Rijksmuseum, the famous Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House. Well, in case you haven’t, I made you a list of the undiscovered museums in Amsterdam that do have a great story to tell:



We all know that we should not eat food from the ground, the remote control in hotels is dirty and that we have to buy a new toothbrush every once in awhile. But why? What is it that makes it so dirty? And what does this ‘dirty’ look like? At Micropia you get to see it, experience it and learn a lot about everything around you (and on you!) in everyday life. It is world’s first museum on microbes and one you will definitely remember this one…


Foam Photography Museum

We sometimes underestimate how big the role of photography is in our lives. Photographs are everywhere; in newspapers, magazines, on social media. Since photos often tell more than words, it is interesting to look into this a little deeper. The Foam Museum rotates its photography exhibitions every 2-4 months presenting works of some of the biggest names in photography to upcoming talent.

OUR LORD IN THE ATTIC (Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder)

Our Lord in the attic

A uniquely preserved 17th-century house, in the heart of Amsterdam where you can wander around and explore how people used to live in the Golden Age. Although there is something you would not expect… there is an entire church hidden in the Attic! Our lord in the Attic is way more than a museum and therefore a must-visit when you’re in Amsterdam


Dutch Resistance Museum

This museum tells you everything about the Dutch resistance movements during the Second World War when Nazi Germany occupied the Netherlands. You get an insight into the everyday life in Amsterdam during the time of war, hear the stories of persecuted Jewish residents and learn about the historical events that marked our country. I personally prefer this museum of the Anne Frank House.


amsterdam museum

Amsterdam is not a regular city, it is very tolerant and free. There is hardly any other city in the world with so many nationalities, bicycles and happy inhabitants. How come? Amsterdam Museum presents Amsterdam’s past, present and future in an interactive way. It is located in a former orphanage halfway the shopping street ‘Kalverstraat’, so even more reason to easily fit it into your schedule when you visit Amsterdam.

Oh and the best thing: all these museums are cheaper than the famous ones! for more tips on Amsterdam, check the tourist traps in Amsterdam– and where to go instead!

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    Rated by Hanna

    August 16, 2017

    Great list! Just wanted to double check these Museums all offer English translations or no? I’m just worried I won’t understand anything otherwise.

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