How to prepare an Interrail Trip

How to Prepare an Interrail Trip

By on September 30, 2017

Ready to prepare an Interrail trip? Last October I did it. In one month I explored the highlights of the Europe by train! I visited 11 countries and saw the Greek temples, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Canals of Amsterdam, Colosseum and so much more. However, a trip like this requires quite some preparation and therefore I will share how to prepare an Interrail trip.

For those of you who don’t really know how Interrail works, I’ll start with a short explanation. The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel to and around 30 countries in Europe. It’s an amazing way to see the continent as the trains ride across the mountains and through the little towns and big cities. Interrail is only for European citizens and residents but the same concept is available non-EU citizens and residents, which is called Eurail. Check here to see which pass you need!

Below you find a step-by-step guide to prepare an interrail trip!

Step 1. Make a timetable

In order to make the rest of your planning work start creating a timetable/schedule. I always use Excel to do this so I can easily adjust it and have it on my phone as well (I use the online worksheet on Google Drive). In the first column write down the number of days your trip will last (mine is a full month so it will be 31 days). In the next column write the dates down starting at the first day you will be starting your Interrail trip to the day you arrive at your final destination.

Step 2. Brainstorm destinations

Europe has so much to offer and most cities are very well connected by train. It will be difficult to decide where to go but just start with thinking of all the places you’d like to see! Think of the highlights such as Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin but also of lesser known places in for instance Switzerland and Portugal.

Step 3. Draw a map of Europe

To get a good overview of the places you want to visit draw (or print) a map of Europe and put a little dot at destination (with city names). This gives you a good indication of where the cities are located and which ones are close to each other (and probably are connected well).

Step 4. Download the Rail Planner Interrail app

Interrail launched a really good app where you can see the trains that are covered with your Interrail Pass. There are some trains that are not included and also some trains that require reservation costs (more about this later).

Step 5. Check the travel times between cities

Use the Rail Planner app to see how long it takes to travel from one destination on your map to the other. Connect the cities with a line and write the times down. If you want to save days and travel times make sure to check which night trains you can take. Also write down which connections require reservation.

Step 6. Find a route

Based on the connections and travel times decide what would be the perfect route for your Interrail trip and start planning the days and travel times in your timetable.

Step 7. Make train reservations

For some trains it’s compulsory to reserve a spot, which is indicated on the Rail Planner app. Keep in mind that there is a reservation fee (could be between 3-60 euros) as well as a booking fee on those trains (8 euros per train). If you want to save money it’s often possible to take another train route – the app will give you various routes and options.

You can easily make the train reservations on the Interrail website., simply enter which trains you’d like to reserve and Interrail will make the bookings for you all at once. You can choose to get the tickets delivered to your home address or to receive e-tickets.

Step 8. Book accommodation

In Europe you generally need to book your accommodation in advance. It’s not like Asia where you can just show up and there are still lots of rooms available for no money. Also, the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets.

One of my favourite hostel chains in Europe is Europe’s Famous Hostels. They are located all around the continent and offer high quality for budget prices. I always love staying at chains since you often meet the same people at different places and get to make more friends!

Step 9. Research destinations

You can decide yourself whether you’d like to be fully prepared and know about all the activities you can do at your destinations or if you are more of an adventurer and just see where the journey takes you. Usually the hostels have loads of information for you! However, make sure to take a look at the top 5 citytrips in Europe when you make up your mind.

Step 10. Enjoy!!!!

The most important thing about travelling is that you enjoy it. There are always some things that go wrong or you wish were different but don’t let it bother you. Make friends and enjoy the beautiful places you’ll visit. In case you travel solo read these tips before you go!

My Trip

Curious what you can do in one month? Find my trip below!

I started my Interrail Trip in Athens, took an overnight ferry to Italy and then the train to Rome, from there I went to Nice and Monaco, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Interlaken and finished in Barcelona!

Prepare an Interrail trip - map

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Prepare an Interrail trip - map
  1. Reply

    a speck in time

    January 30, 2018

    Excellent guide, I thought of interrailing during our last trip, but it became very overwhelming. I liked your plan for October, that should give me a good start. Thanks for including all the important links.

  2. Reply


    January 27, 2018

    I once tried to put together an interrail itinerary when I was 17, but it just ended up being so much more expensive than anything else. Really wished I would have had your guide hand back then 😉

  3. Reply

    Sierra Dehmler

    January 27, 2018

    Great easy to follow guide for train travel in Europe. It can be so daunting!

  4. Reply


    January 27, 2018

    That’s a really nice and helpful post. I was keen on knowing about how it works,thanks for detailed guide

  5. Reply


    October 1, 2017

    My bro interrailed one summer whilst at uni and I was always envious of his time out there (plus it was so much cheaper back then to do it!) Great tips and perhaps I will get to do it myself one day. Planning is definately key.

  6. Reply


    September 30, 2017

    I wanted to do something like this for my Europe trip this past spring. But I was shocked at how expensive train travel really was. I found it way cheaper to just take RyanAir flights and FlixBus rides!

  7. Reply

    By Land and Sea

    September 30, 2017

    This post is perfect timing! We are actually in the very beginning stages of planning interrail trip throughout Europe, and the tips here you have provided are great. Saving this post for later – thanks so much for the info. We’re really looking forward to our adventure after reading about he planning you did for yours!

  8. Reply

    Marissa | Marissa's Teachable Moments

    September 30, 2017

    Great tips! I just got back from two months in Europe and I definitely agree that planning a route is key…even if you don’t stick to it 🙂

  9. Reply

    Danielle Jones

    September 30, 2017

    Great post! I always write a timetable out before I travel, it’s one of my favourite parts of traveling… the organising! Great post.

  10. Reply


    September 30, 2017

    I live in Europe, but I have never taken this! This sounds like a great way to get around and see some new things in Europe!

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