Places you never thought to visit - Blyde River Canyon

15 places you never thought to visit (but really should)

By on November 19, 2017

With more and more cheap flights it becomes easier to explore places you never thought to visit before. From Botswana to Chile and Greece, there are some hidden gems you have to visit at least once in your life. I wanted to write about these places for a while already, but found it too hard to make a selection. However, when one of you asked me about unique destinations I decided to write down the 15 places I would recommend everyone to go:

1. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Places you never thought to visit - Rainbow Mountain Peru

One of the most impressive places I’ve ever been is Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Not only because its a rare place (there are only three like it in the world) but because the whole hike up there is just stunning. You walk past beautiful villages, bump into tons of alpacas and get magnificent views of the Ausangate Glacier. Tours to hike Rainbow Mountain leave daily from Cusco, for more information check my Peru in 10 highlights blog.

2. Kubu Island, Botswana

Roadtrip to Botswana - Kubu Island Baobab tree

Everyone knows the salt desert in Bolivia, but did you know there’s one in Botswana too? The Makgadikgadi Pans are the remains of what was once a massive inland ocean. The best thing is, in the middle of it you’ll find Kubu Island, an island full of Baobab Trees. You can only visit the island by 4×4 and if you want it’s possible to spend the night there camping under one of the trees. I did it and it’s truly amazing. Read more about it on my how to organize a roadtrip to Botswana blog.

3. Burano, Italy

Survive Venice on a Budget - Burano

Right next to the touristy hotspots in Venice lies Burano, a little island that is more colourful than any place in Italy. Especially if you get lost in the small alleys you won’t find any other tourists and you get to discover an authentic place. It’s only one hour by ferry from Venice. Read more about how to get there and what to do here.

4. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sahara desert Morocco

Maybe you’ve thought of going to the Sahara desert but did you know you can also camp there? You can even ride a camel for sunset and sleep under the stars in a traditional Berber tent. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve done even though I was a bit scared of the crazy camel behind me, (Peter). There are possibilities to visit the Sahara from several cities in Morocco, I did a 3-day tour from Marrakech and wrote a blog on how to arrange it on the ultimate citytrip to Marrakech.

5. Seitan Limania, Greece

5 breathtaking places in Crete to put on your bucket list - Seitan Limani Beach

One of the most magical places on the Greek islands is Seitan Limania. The beach looks even more beautiful in real life when you see the sun shining on the rocks and you get to jump into the milky blue waves. Even though it looks remote, the beach is only 20km from the city center of Chania, one of the cutest towns in Crete. The beach is one of the 5 breathtaking places in Crete.

6. Vulcano Lascar, Chile

Places you never thought to visit - Vulcano Lascar Chile

A very difficult but rewarding hike up to Vulcano Lascar (5592 m) in Northern Chile makes you feel like you’re on another planet. I’d never seen a landscape like this before and up until today it’s the most challenging hike I’ve done. If you want to do it (which you really should) make sure to go early, put on some really warm clothes, wear good hiking boots and bring water and coca leaves (or altitude sickness pills). Though it’s better to do it with a guide, we just rented a car in San Perdo de Atacama and hiked up to the active crater ourself!

7. Deadvlei, Namibia

My Travel Tricks - tips and tricks so explore the world | Dead vlei Namibia

Deadvlei is a very interesting (and beautiful) spot in the middle of the Namib Desert. The trees you see on the picture actually died 600-700 years ago when they no longer had water to survive. I visited the Deadvlei in the early morning after camping in Sossuvlei. When you stay at the NWR campsite you get to enter the National Park one hour before sunrise and stay until one hour after sunset. It was my favourite spot on my trip through Namibia.

8. Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands

Places you never thought to visit - Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is an area in the Netherlands (only 20 minutes from Amsterdam) where you’ll find traditional Dutch houses made of wood. You can wander around the most stunning windmills and try local delights. It’s a must visit on your trip to the Netherlands and one of the places I always take my travel friends when they visit me in Amsterdam (and they love it). If you’re interested in more fun things to do in and around Amsterdam make sure to read the worst tourist traps in Amsterdam – and where to go instead.

9. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Places you never thought to visit - Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

One of the places I never thought to visit is the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The Falls are one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and are so IMPRESSIVE! Even though I was there in the wet season and didn’t get the best overview of the falls, it’s crazy how you can just get soaking wet standing so far away from them. On the way there, elephants were crossing the roads and monkeys were running around. It’s a true African experience and a place you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. If you have some extra cash make sure to fly over the falls in a little plane or bungee jump in the gorge!

10. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Places you never thought to visit - Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is often called a geological wonder and you can see why. Right next to the sea you can find over 40.000 balast columns that fit perfectly into each other. Though there are many very creative myths and stories on how the rock formation was created, it’s probably the result of an ancient volcanic eruption 60 million(!) years ago, but it could also have been built by a giant… Make sure to do the coastal drive as well when you’re visiting! It’s breathtaking!

11. Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Places you never thought to visit - Blyde River Canyon

One of the most beautiful places in South Africa is Blyde River Canyon! This massive canyon offers some amazing hiking opportunities and is close to famous waterfalls and rock formations, with the Three Rondavels as most famous one (see picture). Blyde River Canyon is part of the Panorama Route. You can stay there for a couple of days or visit on a day trip – either way, make sure to be there for sunset.

12. Paracas National Reserve, Peru

Red beaches, yellow cliffs, flamigos and even pinguins! You get to see everything at Paracas National Reserve in Peru. You can visit the reserve by car/taxi or rent a quad and explore it yourself. It’s located only a couple of minutes from Paracas at the Peruvian coast.

13. Top of Europe, Switzerland

Places you never thought to visit - Top of Europe Switzerland

In Switzerland, high up in the Alps, you can find this magical place called the Top of Europe. It’s a place surrounded by glaciers and eternal snow. You can take a train up there which will honestly be the most beautiful train ride of your life! The train goes through snow, along fairytale villages with waterfalls in the background and ends at the top of the glacier at Europe’s highest train station (3454 m). I visited the Top of Europe from Interlaken where I stayed at Balmer’s Hostel. This hostel is right in the center of the Swiss outdoor heaven and the place to plan all your activities!

14. Kawasan Falls, Philippines

Places you never thought to visit - Kawasan Falls

Even though the Philippines are known for amazing white beaches and world class diving spots my favourite place was the Kawasan Falls. You can find the falls on the island of Cebu, close to the town of Moalboal. At these stunning falls you can swim in the milky blue water and can even go canyoning. However, I did hear it got a lot more touristy since I was there so maybe you won’t have the place to yourself anymore. We were lucky to be the only ones there!

15. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Ayahuasca in Bolivia - Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque is a little town in the Bolivian Amazon. It’s known as the gateway to explore the Pampas or go on a trek through the rainforest. I went into the pampas on a little boat for three days and learned a lot about the jungle, swam in a river full crocodiles and fished for piranhas. It’s an amazing experience as you can forget everything and disconnect for a while. In Rurrenabaque I also joined an Ayahuasca ceremony and wrote a very personal blog about my experience: Ayahuasca in the Bolivian jungle.

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15 Places you never thought to visit (but really should)
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    January 22, 2018

    This is such a fabulous list!! We should have read some of this before some of our trips but it is super helpful! We are going to have to hit you up for Amsterdam suggestions soon love!

  2. Reply


    December 28, 2017


    These places looks really interesting & “places you never thought to visit but really should” is perfect for these places, Peoples will never wanna go on these places but they should visit & feel these attractive places.

  3. Reply


    December 17, 2017

    I’ve always wanted to go to Deadvlei. the picture you have of it is so cool!

  4. Reply


    December 16, 2017

    I have been to Burano and I agree definitely worth a visit. I hope to make it to Giants Causeway next year. Great list!

  5. Reply

    My Ticklefeet

    December 16, 2017

    Wow, this is some list! Hoping to see some of it next year.. fingers crossed 🙂 Have you been to all of these places?

  6. Reply

    Liliane Fawzy

    December 16, 2017

    Wow a little disappointed I haven’t made it to any of these yet haha! Hoping to get to both the Peru places next September though 🙂

  7. Reply

    Agness of Fit Travelling

    December 5, 2017

    Wow! Each one of these places seems like a part of paradise, Daisy. I would love to explore the magical Burano soon. Is a day trip to there enough to see all the highlights?

  8. Reply


    November 24, 2017

    Wow, this is an amazing list! I can’t decided where I would want to go first, #5 or #11!! They look so beautiful!

  9. Reply

    My Ticklefeet!

    November 19, 2017

    What an awesome list and the photos.. I am in love with all these photos!! 😀 You are gave me some serious New Year travel goals.. lol

  10. Reply


    November 19, 2017

    I love this list! Been to a couple, but now I have to work on the rest of the list. Beautiful!

  11. Reply


    November 19, 2017

    Loved your photos! The rainbow mountain is definitely on my list!

    • Reply


      November 19, 2017

      It was one of my favourites! Such a beautiful hike!

  12. Reply

    Sheree Strange

    November 19, 2017

    I love these types of lists – it’s so great to find something a little less conventional, and have a wonderful experience. Victoria Falls is definitely top of my list, even moreso after reading your blurb! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Saving this for my future travel planning…

    • Reply


      November 19, 2017

      So true! I always love finding new places that aren’t really discovered by mass tourism yet. I’m glad you like it and hope you get to see all of them! 😀

  13. Reply


    November 19, 2017

    Those are some incredible looking destinations! I am putting them straight on my bucket list!

    • Reply


      November 19, 2017

      Thanks so much Lauren! You should! I loved visiting each and every one of them ❤️

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